Solve your Electrical Problem Via Electrical Safety Certificate in London

Today we will discuss the types of electrical problems that can occur in your home and how you can solve them with the most suitable solution. Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to electrical faults, whether it is a flickering tube light, over higher electricity bills, power surges or damage to electronic […]

History behind the Requirement to Provide Electrical Safety Certificate

Although there is currently no start date for the introduction of mandatory reports on electrical safety certificate in England , the government has long been under pressure to present this legislation through various campaign organizations. Following Dame Judith Hackett’s assessment of the tragedy of the Grenfell tower, James Brokenshire, State Secretary for Housing, stated that […]

When do you have to get a Landlords Electrical Safety Certificate?

Most of us realize that it is essential to obtain the Electrical safety Certificate. In any case, the vast majority believe that this is only necessary when leasing or selling the property. In fact, the facts confirm that homeowners are at risk of receiving the owner’s electrical safety certificate on these occasions, but there are […]