Classification of EPC Certificate in London – Landlord Safety Certificates

EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. The EPC classification is a measure of the energy performance of the property in general. A higher rating means a house with greater energy performance certificate (EPC Certificate London). This assessment is calculated based on the amount of energy used per square meter and also the level of carbon […]

EPC Certificate by London Property Inspections – Landlord Certificates

How to obtain an energy performance certificate. Energy performance certificates show everyone who is considering buying or renting a home how energy efficient it is. The certificate gives a property an EPC Certificate London rating from A to G, with the most efficient homes rated A and the least efficient homes rated G. This gives […]

Is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) important to sell my house?

You must have applied for at least one Energy Efficiency Certificate (EPC Certificate London) before you market your property: discover why, how much an EPC should cost and how you can find an EPC inspector. What is an EPC (energy performance certificate)? An energy performance certificate (an EPC) is a standardized document that classifies properties in […]

How Much Does an Energy Performance Certificate? EPC Cost in UK

An energy performance certificate, or EPC for short, is one of the many documents you need when selling or renting a home (if you sell, check out our handy list to make sure you have the rest).  It tells a potential buyer or tenant how efficient their home is in terms of energy and assesses […]

Important Tips to Register New EPC Certificate by London Property Inspections

Most owners will now be aware of the new energy efficiency legislation that will come into force in 2018. The legislation is called MEES, which means ‘minimum standard for energy efficiency’, which was introduced in March 2015 by EPC Certificate Cost London  (private property rental) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015. Most owners will now adopt […]