EICR Cost Factors

The cost of obtaining an EICR certificate can be affected by a number of factors. This can include the size of your home and number of fuse boxes, the larger the home, the longer the inspection and report preparation time but  we are charging £129 for 1 to 5 bedrooms property in London.

Can I fill in the EICR Safety Certificate Myself?

Unfortunately, when it comes to electrical safety there is no do it yourself solution, hiring a professional electrician who can self-certify their work is actually probably the cheapest solution. It is also necessary to hire someone who is registered with the Competent Persons Scheme, as they can self-certify without having to survey a private building or call a local council representative.

What is included in the EICR Safety Certificate?

When a qualified engineer is called out to carry out an electrical inspection report, he will check that the electrical circuit or equipment is not overloaded, poses a fire hazard or potential risk of electric shock, and that there are no defective wiring workings. Identify:

  • Traders will carry out a variety of such checks:
  • Checking the adequacy of earthing and bonding
  • The suitability of the fuse box and whether it needs to be replaced
  • Maintenance of light fittings, sockets and switches to make sure they are up to date.
  • Condition of the wiring system
  • Compliance of identification and notification
  • Adequacy of location of all electrical equipment
  • Malfunction, damage or deterioration of electrical equipment
  • Use of the premises and whether this has changed.

Following these checks, the engineer will provide a full report which will include full details of the electrical installations and their condition.

What are benefits of obtaining an electrical safety certificate?

There are many advantages of obtaining an Electrical Safety Certificate, firstly your own protection under the law, especially if you are the owner. Obtaining an Owner’s Electrical Safety Certificate will help you to remain compliant with the requirements for fixed electrical appliances in your rental property, as an EICR inspection is required every 5 years under the Revision 18 Regulations.

It is also good practice to hire an electrician to check the electrical safety when a new tenant moves in. This will avoid the cost of fire damage or any tenant accidents related to electrocution. However, if you do not get an electrical installation condition report, you could face a fine of £30,000 or more.

Will an electrical safety certificate affect the sale of my property?

Although you are not legally obliged to provide the buyer with an electrical safety certificate, it may actually speed up the sale of your property. This is because it will assure the estate agent that the property is obedient. It will also reassure potential buyers that the property is safe and compliant with electrical installations, meaning they won’t have to pay for the inspection, repair or replacement themselves. In some cases, the buyer may still carry out their own inspection.

How much does an electrical safety certificate cost after remedial works?

If the client approves the quotation for the remedial works, then once all non-compliance has been addressed, a satisfactory EICR certificate will be re-issued at no additional EICR cost. If the client does not accept the quotation, then we will offer 50% of the cost of the EICR certificate for a re-inspection of the property to re-issue a new certificate.