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Whether you are a landlord or just interested in the landlord electrical safety Certificate of your own home, a regular inspection of the electrical safety certificate gives you the peace of mind that your tenants or your family are safe. Electricians also do many other types of work around homes: we will cover some of the most popular jobs later in this article and provide reference budgets for each type of work.

In this article we consider about Electrical Safety Certificate:

Why homeowners should take note of the new law on reports on the state of the electrical installation (formerly called periodic inspection reports)

  • Why the law came into effect
  • What is a status report of the electrical installation?
  • How much does an electrical safety certificate cost?
  • If you can report the status of the electrical installation yourself
  • Other type of work performed by electricians on behalf of homeowners and homeowners
  • What qualifications and memberships should you insist with an electrician

How to get the electrical safety certificates at Low Cost?

Did you know that when comparing prices you can reduce the price you pay for electrical work on your main building or your rental properties by up to 40%? If you are an owner with multiple properties and an electrician knows, you can reduce the price even more in an effort to persuade them to use them in all their properties.

The best way to reduce the price for every job for an electrical safety certificate or for every type of electrical work is to get 3 to 4 quotes. London Property Inspections works with hundreds of recognized and established companies that employ only the most experienced and knowledgeable electricians.

Fill in the form above to get those quotes and save up to 40% and more on what you pay. Our service is free and you are not obliged to accept the offers you receive.

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