Gas Safety Certificate Cost

Gas safety certificate cost is £59 with one gas appliance and we charge £10 per extra gas appliance. Different companies are charging differently throughout the London for gas safety certificate based on the location and number of appliances. This is not only important for your peace of mind, but also required by law! Any property that has a gas supply requires a Gas Safety Certificate (also known as CP12) before it can be rented out. There are usually many different types of gas appliances in a home, such as a boiler, cooker/hob and fireplace – all these appliances must be checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer to get a certificate. Obtaining a gas safety certificate is mandatory for all residential and commercial buildings. Book gas safety certificate with London Property Inspections with just one phone call! All our gas engineers are registered with the Gas Safe Register, which guarantees the quality of our services and the qualifications of our engineers. Our team are fully qualified to carry out all the necessary inspections at your property to ensure safety and compliance with gas safety regulations. We guarantee 100% reliable inspections to ensure your safety and help you avoid hefty fines.

Choosing the right company for your gas safety certificate

Under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, a valid gas certificate is a statutory requirement for landlords. Landlords must carry out a gas safety check every 12 months to make sure that the gas appliances and gas fittings in their property are working properly. Tenants can get a licensed gas certificate after a qualified professional assesses their property in accordance with regulations set by the Government. As landlords must have their gas tested every year to renew their gas certificate, they need to choose an assessment company with qualified professional assessors, a fast turnaround time and an affordable price. Gas Safety Certs can boast all three of these qualities. Cost of a Gas Safety Certificate The cost of a Gas Safety Certificate is not fixed. The price of a Gas Safety Certificate is influenced by various factors, including: Property type: Is the Gas Safety Certificate for a residential, commercial or new build property? The type of property affects the price of the certificate, as commercial certificates cost more than residential certificates. Location. Some UK cities and suburbs have higher costs than others. Typically, large cities such as London have higher costs for gas safety certificates. Number of appliances: How many gas appliances do you own? The more appliances, the higher the cost. On average, the cost of a gas certificate for a property with 1 boiler, a gas cooker and a fireplace can range from £34 to £90. Bulk payments: Do you have more than one property assessment? London Property Inspections offer discounts if you use our services for more than one property certificate, i.e. gas certificate, energy performance certificate, boiler assessment, eicr etc. In addition, we also offer discounts if you agree to do your next 3 or more gas assessments with us.