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If you are an owner and your home is equipped with gas appliances, then you have three main responsibilities for gas safety within the home. Gas Safety Check for UK Landlord – Try London Property Inspections for all kind of landlord safety certificates at discount prices.

Maintenance. You are responsible for the maintenance of gas appliances and facilities, including pipelines, appliances and smoke ducts. Work on this must be verified by a Gas Safe engineer.

Gas safety certificates. You must obtain a gas safety certificate every year. This certificate is issued after a gas safety check by a registered engineer. The safety check ensures that everything works properly and that the gas appliances are safe to use.

Keep up. You must provide your tenants with a copy of the gas safety certificate within 28 days after the check is complete. You must also give a copy to the new tenants before they move.

What is a gas safety certificate?

A gas safety certificate, also known as CP12 or gas safety report, is a document that confirms that a gas safety verification has been performed on a specific property. The gas safety certificate can only be filled in by a registered Gas Safe engineer.

Your gas safety certificate looks like this:

Gas safety certificate

This is an important document that confirms that all gas appliances and facilities in a home can be used safely.

Which devices need to be checked?

You are responsible for all gas appliances that you make available to a tenant. This includes gas boilers, gas ovens, gas stoves and any portable device that uses gas. If the tenant brings a gas appliance to the home, he is responsible for its safe use.

Do I need a gas safety certificate?

If your home has gas appliances, you are legally obliged to provide a gas safety certificate before you leave your home. The gas safety regulations of 1998 keep the landlord responsible for ensuring that all gas appliances and accessories are properly maintained and can be used safely.

How often do I need to renew my gas safety certificate?

Your gas safety certificate has a duration of 12 months, so you must plan a safety check of all your gas appliances every year. Until 6 April 2018, a gas safety certificate would last 12 months from the date of the last inspection. As a result, many owners have performed a security check every 10-11 months to ensure that no coverage has failed.

However, this was considered unfair to homeowners because gas safety certificates would overlap and would have to pay more for a shorter period. The rules have now been changed so that any gas safety verification carried out within the last two months of a current gas safety certificate is treated as if it had been carried out on the last day of the current certificate.

If you have installed a new gas appliance, you do not need a new gas safety certificate. You do not have to renew your current certificate when new residents move; you just have to provide them with a copy of the current valid certificate.

Where should I keep my gas safety certificate?

You must keep your gas safety certificate in a safe place. You must keep the original gas safety certificate and provide a copy to your tenants within 28 days of carrying out the checks. New tenants need a copy of the certificate before they can move to the property.

Does every property I own need a gas safety certificate?

Yes. If you have several properties, you need an individual gas safety certificate for each home. Whether you have one or 15 properties, you need a separate gas safety certificate for each.

How do I get the certificate?

To secure your gas safety certificate, you must find a registered Gas Safe engineer. You can call 020 3239 0374 to find one in your area.

How do I reserve a gas safety check?

To reserve a gas safety check, you must contact a registered Gas Safe technician. With London Property Inspections, your annual gas safety is included in all coverage packages for owners.

Can my usual gas engineer provide a gas safety certificate?

Yes, but only if your technician is fully qualified and registered with gas safety. Perform gas safety controls legally and issue gas safety certificates.

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