How Much Does PAT Testing Cost? Try London Property Inspections

PAT Stands for Portable Appliances Testing. Many commercial buildings in the UK require an energy performance certificate when it is built, sold or rented out. The test of portable devices or PAT testing is the process of verifying the safety of the devices through a series of visual inspections and electronic tests. London Property Inspections gives you full information about PAT Testing Cost in London.

Why do I have my devices tested?

The best way to ensure that your devices are safe is to perform a Portable Appliances Testing PAT testing on them. This is a good way for the owner to ensure that he meets his legal obligations to maintain high standards of electrical safety in his rented home.

What does a testing portable device entail?

To determine the safety and suitability of their electrical devices, the authorized person performs a visual inspection of the device, plug and cable. For Class I equipment [1], they will also inject test signals into the cable and device to ensure their integrity.

Who should do the work?

Electrical work may only be carried out by people who have the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to prevent danger to themselves and others.

Many registered electricians will test portable devices. You can find a registered electrician here.

How to Get PAT Testing on low cost?

At the end of the inspection and testing of portable devices, you should at least receive a report with the following:

  • An inventory with every type of device, name, location and description
  • A complete set of test results for each device tested
  • A complete list of failed items with an explanation of their failure.
  • An approval or error label visible on each device with the inspection date, the following test and the inspector’s signature.

If you do not have technical knowledge, the contractor / competent person who performed the inspection and Portable Appliances Testing should be happy to talk to you about your report and advise you on other required actions.

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