Landlord Certificates for Renting a Property – Gas safety certificate & EPC

Landlord Certificates

If you own a house in UK, then get ready to meet the rules & regulations introduced by the Government for the safety of residents/tenants and landlords. Unlike other countries UK Government is making sure people are safe to reside in residential properties and in commercial premises. For this purpose Government has been introducing rules & laws when required and has been updating the regulations where required.

Government has introduced different checks which cover the safety of house from electricity to gas and from fire alarms to emergency lights. These checks are carried out by certified, competent and qualified engineers and electricians. Upon completion of these checks they issue the certificates to landlords which are provided to the tenants prior they move in to the property to make sure the safety of tenants. Copy of these certificates are also submitted to the council and it is also duty of Landlord to keep one copy with them.

Most in use Landlord Certificates are

  • Gas Safety Certificate – CP12
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report – EICR
  • Energy Performance Certificate – EPC
  • Portable Appliance Testing – PAT
  • Fire Alarm Certificate
  • Emergency Lighting Certificate

In this article we will let you know when and which certificates are required at which point.

Gas Safety Certificate

It is valid for a year and only a gas safe registered engineer can carry out the inspection. It is required before renting out your property or before selling it out. Engineer checks gas meter, flue and gas appliances (e.g. Hob, Boiler, Cooker and Fireplace etc.) Download sample Gas Safety Certificate. Click here to read more


Validity of EICR is from 3 to 5 years. It is in hands of the electricians. Electrician registered with NICEIC< NAPIT or ECA can only carry out the electrical inspection. EICR is required before renting out your property or before selling it out. All fixed electrical installations are tested (e.g. Consumer Unit, Sockets, Lights, Earth and Gas bonding etc.). Download sample EICR. Click here to read more

Energy Performance Certificate

Validity of Energy Performance Certificate is 10 years and an accredited energy assessor can only carry out the inspection. It is required before renting out your property or before selling it out. EPC procedure involve these checks (Size of property, insulation type, Construction type, Lighting type, Heating system type, Property’s ventilation). Download sample EPC. Click here to read more

PAT Testing

Validity of PAT Testing is a year and only a qualified electrician can carry it out. PAT Testing is not a legal requirement but Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 advice to carry out the test on any kind of electrical appliances which may become the reason of injury and are maintained safe to use. If Landlord provides appliances to tenants, they should also get this test done. All portable appliances (e.g. Fridge, Freezer, Lamp, Toaster, Oven, Kettle and Iron etc.) are tested in this inspection. Download sample PAT Testing. Click here to read more

Fire Alarm Certificate

Validity of Fire Alarm Certificate is a year and it is also carried out by a qualified electrician. Fire Alarm Certificate is required for HMO properties where multiple tenancies exist. All smoke and fire alarms are tested in this check. Download sample Fire Alarm Certificate. Click here to read more

Emergency Lighting Certificate

Validity of Emergency Lighting Certificate is a year and it is carried out by a competent and registered electrician. This test is carried out in HMO properties. All emergency lights are tested in this check to make sure they work properly in case of any emergency situation of electricity cut off. Download sample Emergency Lighting Certificate. Click here to read more

We carry out all of the above tests and you can book an appointment with us. All of our engineers (contractors) are highly qualified, ensured and competent. Our prices are fixed and there is no hidden fee.

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