Need for Gas safety Check

A gas safety check is performed in order to monitor gas leaks and any malfunctioning devices or appliances that might lead to the release of toxic gases, putting the residents’ life at risk. Gas leaks, whether from a faulty appliance, blocked vent, or a severed pipeline, carry a great potential for fires, explosions and even carbon monoxide poisoning all of which can prove to be lethal.

Why are gas checks required?

Landlords are required by the law to get a gas safety check done before renting out their property. Hotels and renting associations are also required to perform annual gas checks to deem the rental properties safe and promising.

Conduction of gas checks

It is conducted only by a professional gas safe registered engineer, educated and trained for the job. Even as a tenant, it is your responsibility to report to your engineer how your appliances are functioning, the state of your boiler, the smell of gas spreading in the air around you, rusting and breaking pipes and clogged up vents.

During a gas safety check, the gas safe registered engineer evaluates the condition of appliances, vents and pipework via thorough visual and physical inspection, gas leak tests and uses safety devices on appliances as a confirmatory tool to rule out leakage.

What is the process of the gas leak tests?

Things that are monitored include the gas dependent appliances, whether they are properly fitted and if there is enough space to allow for ventilation in the room. A check on the connection to the gas pipework is also carried out to rule out any nicks between the appliance and the pipeline. Structural integrity of the appliance is confirmed and functional liability is evaluated.

Keeping the maintenance of the property in mind, a gas registered engineer also inspects the gas pipework, checking for any damage, denting, rusting or cracking in the pipework itself. The condition of vents or chimneys is also examined, because a blockage can cause poor ventilation, leading to accumulation of gas in the house, putting people at risk.

Why you need to get a test done yourself

For a healthy lifestyle, annual gas leak checks are strongly recommended even if you own your residential property. Fires originating from unnoticed gas leakage not only cause destruction and loss of property but the toxic fumes also lead to respiratory collapse. Carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous gas that rapidly leads to hypoxic conditions. Malfunctioning appliances that are not inspected regularly frequently lead to explosions, and these can be huge. Since gas cannot be seen, leaking pipelines often go unnoticed and this is largely devastating because lighting even the tiniest of flames around a leak can cause fires. To avoid putting yourself and your loved ones in rather lethal conditions, you can get a safety check conducted at reasonable prices at London property inspections.