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There is currently no law that requires employers to obtain a PAT certificate. However, the UK government has established regulations that oblige entrepreneurs to ensure that all devices in their premises are safe and well maintained to prevent accidents with electricity, and the most effective way to comply with these regulations is to obtain certificate at PAT testing Cost.

Although the British Health and Safety Executive and insurance companies do not legally require employers to obtain the PAT test certificate, they strongly recommend it. PAT tests help you to meet these four requirements:

  • Health and Safety Act of 1974
  • The Electricity at Work Regulation 1989
  • The regulations for use and use of work equipment from 1998
  • Regulations on health and safety at work 1999

    PAT Testing Cost

    Services Price
    Residential PAT testing (1-20 items) £59
    Residential PAT testing (20-40 items) £79
    Commercial PAT testing (1-20 items) £79
    Commercial PAT testing (20-40 items) £109
    Commercial PAT testing (40-60 items) £139

If your company does not comply with these laws, you can pay a substantial fine, from £ 5,000 to £ 20,000. Depending on the case and the damage caused by negligence, you can even get up to six months to two years in prison. Do not run the risk of fines and imprisonment. Receive a PAT test certificate today at low cost.

The PAT test is an integral part of the periodic electrical tests. Securing a PAT test certificate for your company not only means complying with the law, it also means protecting your equipment, buildings, assets and, most importantly, your people against potential electrical hazards.

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After all, household appliances and electrical equipment deteriorate over time and with frequent use. By regularly checking them, you can prevent accidents and minimize occupational risks. Defective devices and equipment in the workplace can harm your employees at any time. If you leave your problems unnoticed and your potential problems are immediately resolved, they can ruin your business and damage the reputation of your brand. Extensive inspections and investigations of devices are necessary to uncover hidden problems. This allows you to repair or replace electrical equipment immediately, preventing costly damage and life-threatening accidents.

There is no legal requirement for how often the PAT tests must be performed. What the UK Health and Safety Executive suggests is hiring a competent and experienced contractor. Only choose a contractor approved by NICEIC to ensure that your devices are tested correctly according to the correct standards.

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