Tips to get Gas Safety Certificate in Discount by London Property Inspections

This varies depending on the quantity and type of gas appliances you have. The best and most profitable time to obtain a gas certificate is part of the annual maintenance.

What does a gas safety certificate entail?

Certified Gas Safe engineers can only issue gas safety certificates to people. At London Property Inspections, our certified gas safety technicians can help you with this process to ensure that you are protected against potential hazards.

They will be asked to go to their facilities and perform a series of tests on each gas appliance, including a visual inspection, pressure, functionality and functional tests. All devices that use an extraction system to remove combustion gases will also undergo an inspection to assess whether the extraction method is sufficient or not. The devices being tested must be isolated for a short period of time until the end of certain tests.

I have just installed a new gas appliance. Do I need a certificate?

Once our registered Gas Safe engineers have repaired your device, they will usually leave a report explaining which controls they need. This report is likely to be issued as a gas safety report; It can sometimes be called a gas safety check that depends on the work that has been assigned to you.

It is not always a legal requirement that your installer provide this type of details, but most registered Gas Safe engineers provide this or similar.

The gas safety information tells you that the gas accessory or gas device has been checked to see if it works safely and meets the correct safety standards. This information can also tell you how long you need to repair your device below.
I am a landlord; What are my responsibilities?

If in his lease the landlord remains responsible for the gas appliances, the tenant must receive a copy of the gas safety certificate at the time of entry and within 28 days after an annual verification. The landlord must also keep a copy for two years.

The law requires the owner to perform regular maintenance on all gas appliances, usually once a year by a registered Gas Safe engineer. This technician will provide you with a gas safety report once you have completed the verification.
What information does the gas safety report have?

The gas safety verification record must contain at least:

  • Date on which the appliance and / or the chimney was checked
  • Every defect was noticed and measures were taken or taken to remedy it.
  • Name, signature and registration number of the engineer who carried out the verification.
  • Confirmation of the result of gas safety checks
  • The address and name of the owner (or maybe his agent if applicable)
  • The address of the building where the appliance and / or the fireplace is installed

It is very necessary to check your gas equipment regularly, so London Property Inspections is well equipped with registered Gas Safe engineers to facilitate this process.
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