What is a Gas Safety Certificate? Get Today By London Property Inspections

A Gas Safety certificate confirms that your device has been installed by a suitably qualified heating engineer. You must receive your copy by post a few days after the installation of the Gas Safety. This certificate must be kept in a safe place. If you lose this, you can request a replacement for a small fee.

It is important to remember that a Gas Safety certificate and a gas safety report are two different things. Your certificate indicates that your Gas Safety has been installed by a Gas Safe engineer and that it has been registered with the local government in accordance with building codes. On the contrary, the record must be updated every time you have a service to indicate when it was completed and who did it.

As a homeowner, having a gas safety report is not a legal requirement, but we recommend that all your gas appliances be checked and inspected every year by a properly qualified technician. This can help prevent unintended carbon monoxide poisoning and ensure that your Gas Safety continues to operate as economically as possible.

If you are the owner, you must keep your records up to date. Owners must perform an annual gas safety check. After verification, a certificate must be issued to indicate that the device has been tested and is safe. This test must not only be performed in a Gas Safety Certificate, but in all gas appliances on site, including gas stoves. Once the verification is completed, the engineer must provide a record that shows:

Which devices have been tested?

  • Gas Safety Certificate check about the gas appliances
  • The results of each verification
  • A problem has occurred
  • All future work that must be performed.
  • Details about the engineer (his name, signature and test date)
  • The address of the property and the name of the owner.

Registration must be passed on to the tenant of the property rather than being kept by the owner. It must be provided within 28 days of the security check.
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