The Problem of Electricity Safety For The Tenants

The tenants are not the legal owners of the property that they are using. However, for many people letting an apartment or a living space is the best option at their disposal. Therefore, the law of the land also grants some important rights to the tenants when they are under the contract. It means that […]

Need for Gas safety Check

A gas safety check is performed in order to monitor gas leaks and any malfunctioning devices or appliances that might lead to the release of toxic gases, putting the residents’ life at risk. Gas leaks, whether from a faulty appliance, blocked vent, or a severed pipeline, carry a great potential for fires, explosions and even […]

All About Electrical Installation Condition Report

An EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) is a formal report created by a certified electrician after the installation and assessment of electrical installation within a property. The electricians or conductors who carry out the report are recognized by a scheme provider and will have taken an inspection course. Basically, it is needed to show that […]

What do You need to Know About Electrical Installation Condition Report?

The Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a document that is needed to justify a safe electrical system in the house or a building. The EICR report is assessed by a professional engineer or an electrician by checking your wiring quality and all electrical systems in the house. It includes electrical switches and plugs as […]

Why you should call a professional to check your gas for you

It is highly significant that you lay emphasis on your gas. No matter if it is your home or office, you always need to take care of the gas. You should always strive to protect your workers and family members around the house which is why you need to ensure a gas safety check. This check is […]

Things You Must Know About EICR

EICR is one of the important considerations that you must apply if you are a property owner. What is EICR? Electrical Installation Condition Report includes a complete house inspection where you can detect any hazard and deterioration due to electrical problems. In this, a team arrives and does a thorough house checkup by reviewing electrical […]

All you need to know about safety gas check

Checking the gas is important no matter where you are staying. There can be some severe issues that can lead to destructive things easily. Therefore, it is crucial that you check the gas in your house, workplace, and even if you are staying in a hotel. There are some easy and quick ways how you […]

Helpful Certifications Makes Life Easy

Are you a landlord? Do you own a house that you are thinking about giving on rent or one that you have just recently given on rent? Then it is certain that you get landlord certificates made. There are a number of certificates for landlords, especially in UK. All of these certificates have their own […]

EICR Certificate & its Increasing Demand

Finding a tenant for your house and handing your keys over to them aren’t the only parts of the rental process. You are legally compelled to present your tenants with certain important pieces of information. And these come in the form of documents and certificates. These certificates enable you to conduct any form of property […]

The Benefits of Owning a Certificate For Gas Safety

Working with gas is dangerous and not everyone is entitled to work with it. There are a ton of different elements you need to ensure before working with gas. No matter if you are replacing or fixing the gas pipes, safety is the priority. Therefore, every company needs an authentic certificate that proves they can […]